Think of it like a blogging holiday if you will. I need some time out. Some time to reassess and think about what content I want to produce for this little space of mine. I need to figure out who I’m writing for. Why am I even writing this blog? Are there other things I would actually rather be doing… View Post

Living in Leeds is like living in an ever changing city. I mean, there are always the old faves that I’ll keep going back to – Sela Bar and Belgrave, I’m looking at you – but at the same time, there are ALWAYS new places to go and try out. There’s a bar or restaurant for whatever mood you’re in… View Post

Cayton Bay, what I thought was a tiny cover nestled in between Scarborough and Filey, turned out to be a gorgeous wide expanse of sand that was more gorgeous that I could ever have imagined. I’d heard about this place from several people, mainly those crazy cold water surfers that popped into the old O’Neill shop I used to work… View Post

That good old friend, writer’s block. Except it’s not like a good old friend at all is it? It’s like a little creep that sneaks up behind you, surprises you in a bad way and puts you on the back foot for a while. Well, it’s here. And I know, the irony is not lost on me that I’m writing… View Post

The week dragged, yet the weekend went SUPER fast. There I was on Saturday, getting on with shit, people watching occasionally from my flat and before I knew it, it was 8pm. Just like that. I blame it on the change in clocks and the lighter evenings making me all disorientated with the time. The warmer weather we’ve been having… View Post

Happy April little sausages! Did any one get tricked by a little April Fool’s joke at the weekend? I managed to avoid them although I did question EVERYTHING I read and EVERYTHING my friends messaged me. I’ve had another good week this week. I swear the warmer weather just does something for me. I think I need to live in… View Post

March 2017. It’s been and it’s gone. But what a cracking month it was. The weather has finally started to get a little warmer, the nights a little lighter and, AND, my bank account is starting to see the results of me being a bit more conscious with my dollar dollar. Now, usually, this post is an extended account of… View Post

The next adventure. It’s always on my mind. Will I be going to an exotic beach or to an exciting, cool city? Will I be trekking through mountains or maybe exploring my own local backyard? Well, I can tell you, my next adventure begins in the Lake District and will take me to the outer edge of earth to see… View Post

Well, we’re a good 3 months into 2017 now. I mean, tomorrow marks the end of March, can you believe it? I definitely can’t. Time goes by so quickly but I guess that means that I’m enjoying myself, filling my life with good memories and experiences. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Not that I’m getting older and life just… View Post

Hola! What a cracking weekend weather wise, huh? I blummin’ loved it! I feel like it’s put me in such a good mood for the week ahead which I have a huge feeling is going to be a busy one. Better like that though than quiet and boring! First Day Of Spring Finally, the first day of Spring! Well, officially… View Post