The week dragged, yet the weekend went SUPER fast. There I was on Saturday, getting on with shit, people watching occasionally from my flat and before I knew it, it was 8pm. Just like that. I blame it on the change in clocks and the lighter evenings making me all disorientated with the time. The warmer weather we’ve been having… View Post

Happy April little sausages! Did any one get tricked by a little April Fool’s joke at the weekend? I managed to avoid them although I did question EVERYTHING I read and EVERYTHING my friends messaged me. I’ve had another good week this week. I swear the warmer weather just does something for me. I think I need to live in… View Post

Hola! What a cracking weekend weather wise, huh? I blummin’ loved it! I feel like it’s put me in such a good mood for the week ahead which I have a huge feeling is going to be a busy one. Better like that though than quiet and boring! First Day Of Spring Finally, the first day of Spring! Well, officially… View Post

I don’t want to speak to soon, I mean we’ll probably be thrown into the dark depths of winter as soon as I say this, but spring really has been here this week right? I’ve been loving it. The lighter mornings, the sunny afternoon and the slightly warmer temperatures. It’s definitely put a smile on my face. Also, sorry if… View Post

Spring is around the corner guys! I can feel it. This weekend I’ve seen daffodils starting to flower, I’ve seen little lambs trotting in the fields and the sun has even stayed out for a decent amount of time. It’s. Been. Wonderful. I feel so much happier when the weather is nicer, a lot more motivated too. Does anyone else… View Post

Happy March guys! Flipping heck, 6 days into the third month of the year already? WHAT THE? Do you know what though? It’s kind of nice. I know time seems to be going by quicker and quicker but I’m filling it with good experiences and creating amazing memories so I don’t really mind if time is going by quicker than… View Post

I’m putting it out there. I’m not a crier. As in, I don’t often cry at things. Yet this week, I’ve cried on three separate occasions. EURGH. And I hate it. Everything just feels like it’s got on top of me. Plus, I’m rubbish as dealing with emotional stuff when it’s actually happening. I’m usually the cheery person with a… View Post

From Valentine’s Day to the Rhubarb Festival in Wakefield, this week has been GOOD. I don’t know about you guys but I feel the lighter evenings – it’s still light at 4.30pm, how awesome is that? – are definitely putting me in a better mood and I can finally feel that spring is on its way! The week did start… View Post

This post is a little late huh? Sorry guys! I’ve just got caught up with life and you know, not spending as much time on social media. That’s something I can totally recommend by the way. Social media is such a time suck and it’s stupid, but it’s only when I spend time away from aimlessly scrolling Instagram or Twitter… View Post

This week seems to have gone on forever. In a good way. I feel like I’ve crammed so much in and made the most of my free time. I didn’t manage to squeeze a run in like I said I would do last week but I’m not going to be too hard on myself. I’m hoping this week goes by… View Post