Cayton Bay, what I thought was a tiny cover nestled in between Scarborough and Filey, turned out to be a gorgeous wide expanse of sand that was more gorgeous that I could ever have imagined. I’d heard about this place from several people, mainly those crazy cold water surfers that popped into the old O’Neill shop I used to work… View Post

The next adventure. It’s always on my mind. Will I be going to an exotic beach or to an exciting, cool city? Will I be trekking through mountains or maybe exploring my own local backyard? Well, I can tell you, my next adventure begins in the Lake District and will take me to the outer edge of earth to see… View Post

We’ve all done it, made mistakes while we’re travelling. Even if it’s a tiny mistake, it can be enough to throw your whole trip off, cost you a little more money or leave you wondering what you missed out. These are some of the mistakes I’ve made while travelling. Whether I’ve learned from them or not is a different thing…… View Post

When Expedia invited me and Beverley to go and check out Wakefield’s Rhubarb Festival, I couldn’t say no. I grew up near Wakefield. It’s somewhere I hung around a lot as a kid and the Rhubarb Festival is always an event in the diary that everyone talks about, you know, with Wakefield being part of The Rhubarb Triangle and all.… View Post

The other week, you might remember that I went to Lincoln for a day out with my sisters. Well, we spent most of the day hopping from café to café but the one place that we all fell in love with a little was The Cheese Society. I mentioned it briefly in my Life Lately post but I really need… View Post

Yorkshire’s coast is as varied as it comes. From the industrial coastline of East Yorkshire to the scenic sights of places like Saltwick Bay, you’ll be able to find a part of this county’s coastline that suits you down to the ground. For me, I love Whitby. I love the quirkiness of the place and the views you get of… View Post

To say I started off 2016 with zero travel plans, I’ve had quite an adventurous year. In fact, more than adventurous, I’ve visited some places I would never even have thought of going and I’ve been lucky enough to unexpectedly return back to some of my favourite places on earth. It’s funny how life works isn’t it? I have no… View Post

Sydney. It’s my favourite city on earth. There’s no doubt about that. The lively, cosmopolitan feel of the centre, the gorgeous variety of beaches hugging the coastline and the surrounding countryside all combines into one delicious place that, in my eyes, is hard to beat. You see, I lived in this beautiful city for a year. One magical year of… View Post