The other week, you might remember that I went to Lincoln for a day out with my sisters. Well, we spent most of the day hopping from café to café but the one place that we all fell in love with a little was The Cheese Society. I mentioned it briefly in my Life Lately post but I really need… View Post

Sydney. It’s my favourite city on earth. There’s no doubt about that. The lively, cosmopolitan feel of the centre, the gorgeous variety of beaches hugging the coastline and the surrounding countryside all combines into one delicious place that, in my eyes, is hard to beat. You see, I lived in this beautiful city for a year. One magical year of… View Post

Long haul flights to long haul destinations means a long time eating nothing but plane food and sitting in the same semi-comfortable seat for hours on end. Long haul flights to long haul destinations though can mean a long haul layover. And that means instead of having one amazing destinations to look forward to, you can see two new places… View Post

There’s one thing that’s easy to do in Hong Kong, and that’s take a good photo. This city is just so flippin’ photogenic that where ever you point your camera and whatever angle you decide to aim your lens, you’re bound to come out with a few good pictures. When I visited a few weeks ago, I managed to get a few… View Post

Dare I say it? Will you guys hate me if I mention it? Ah, I’m going to do it anyway. Christmas is nearly here! That’s right, I went there. I know it’s not even Halloween yet but the most festive time of year is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting prepared. But, I’m not talking about presents, or… View Post

It’s been 9 days since I landed in Hong Kong and those 9 days have gone by in a flash. To be fair, I did sleep for 18 hours one of those days because I was poorly sick, but still time always goes by far too quick in this amazing city. Saying that though, I am going home a few… View Post

Leeds is a little powerhouse of a city in the Northern half of the UK. There’s a lot going on here at the moment and the city has changed so much in the past 10 years. For the better too. The vibe is awesome, Leeds has got a ton of new bars and restaurants in the last couple of years… View Post

I’M BACK! Okay, so I’ve been back in the city for a while now. 7 weeks to be precise and so far, so good! It was a long, drawn out process to get here but it was worth it! Some of you might remember me saying that I lived in Leeds before. I then moved back to the beautiful countryside… View Post