We’ve all done it, made mistakes while we’re travelling. Even if it’s a tiny mistake, it can be enough to throw your whole trip off, cost you a little more money or leave you wondering what you missed out. These are some of the mistakes I’ve made while travelling. Whether I’ve learned from them or not is a different thing…… View Post

Long haul flights to long haul destinations means a long time eating nothing but plane food and sitting in the same semi-comfortable seat for hours on end. Long haul flights to long haul destinations though can mean a long haul layover. And that means instead of having one amazing destinations to look forward to, you can see two new places… View Post

There’s one thing that’s easy to do in Hong Kong, and that’s take a good photo. This city is just so flippin’ photogenic that where ever you point your camera and whatever angle you decide to aim your lens, you’re bound to come out with a few good pictures. When I visited a few weeks ago, I managed to get a few… View Post

Wow, September was a whirlwind, an unexpected whirlwind month. It included a surprise trip to Hong Kong, my 28th birthday, a sunny day in London and some much needed time off work. So my surprise trip to Hong Kong, that was crazy. I won a return flight with Cathay Pacific to one of my favourite places on earth and it… View Post

Recently, I took my fourth visit to Hong Kong. It wasn’t a planned visit. I was lucky enough to win a flight there with Cathay Pacific. I was also lucky enough to get the time off from work to have a break that I very much needed. I’d began to feel distracted with things and I was struggling to concentrate… View Post

That Sunday morning, the sun streaming through the window, waking me up in the process, was a welcome break from the torrential rain that had been pouring most of the week in Hong Kong. I was feeling slightly worse for wear thanks to a late night out in Wan Chai, but the gorgeous weather was begging to be made the… View Post

It’s been 9 days since I landed in Hong Kong and those 9 days have gone by in a flash. To be fair, I did sleep for 18 hours one of those days because I was poorly sick, but still time always goes by far too quick in this amazing city. Saying that though, I am going home a few… View Post

I’d never call myself a lucky person. Yeah, I feel like I’ve got a good life. A nice flat, a good job, I travel any way I can. But that has all come about through hard work and graft. It’s not often that something happens that’s just so incredible and exciting, it can only be put down to luck. Every… View Post