Cayton Bay, what I thought was a tiny cover nestled in between Scarborough and Filey, turned out to be a gorgeous wide expanse of sand that was more gorgeous that I could ever have imagined. I’d heard about this place from several people, mainly those crazy cold water surfers that popped into the old O’Neill shop I used to work… View Post

Long haul flights to long haul destinations means a long time eating nothing but plane food and sitting in the same semi-comfortable seat for hours on end. Long haul flights to long haul destinations though can mean a long haul layover. And that means instead of having one amazing destinations to look forward to, you can see two new places… View Post

Dare I say it? Will you guys hate me if I mention it? Ah, I’m going to do it anyway. Christmas is nearly here! That’s right, I went there. I know it’s not even Halloween yet but the most festive time of year is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting prepared. But, I’m not talking about presents, or… View Post

Not every place around the world hits you with that WOW factor straight away. Some destinations take a while to grow on you and there are places which need a second visit to really get into the nitty gritty. Other places, you fall in love with straight away and that first impression hits you like a ton of bricks. First… View Post

The first ever time I went stand up paddleboarding, in The Outer Banks, North Carolina, I knew immediately this was a sport that I needed in my life. Much like snowboarding, it’s an activity that just completely relaxes me and zones me out. Something I desperately need more of, but Yorkshire isn’t really a hot spot for aspiring SUPers like… View Post

Sometimes you visit a place that captures your heart in a way that words just can’t describe. This time around, Ibiza was one of those places. There are a million and one things that I could say about this small Spanish island in the middle of the Mediterranean, but from the beaches to the pool parties, the parasailing to the… View Post

West Yorkshire is a place where I’ve lived for 25 out of my 27 years on this planet. The other 2 years I divided between York, North Yorkshire, where I spent my first year at university, and Sydney where I based myself while in Australia. Now Yorkshire is a place I hold very, very dear to my heart. I grew… View Post

Think of one of the happiest moments of your life. Maybe graduating from university? Getting married? Skydiving? Or maybe even completing a personal challenge? Whatever it was, hold that feeling in your head. That feeling of complete joy and happiness when you just had the world’s biggest grin on your face. You got it? That’s how I felt when I… View Post