Not every place around the world hits you with that WOW factor straight away. Some destinations take a while to grow on you and there are places which need a second visit to really get into the nitty gritty. Other places, you fall in love with straight away and that first impression hits you like a ton of bricks. First… View Post

The first ever time I went stand up paddleboarding, in The Outer Banks, North Carolina, I knew immediately this was a sport that I needed in my life. Much like snowboarding, it’s an activity that just completely relaxes me and zones me out. Something I desperately need more of, but Yorkshire isn’t really a hot spot for aspiring SUPers like… View Post

Sometimes you visit a place that captures your heart in a way that words just can’t describe. This time around, Ibiza was one of those places. There are a million and one things that I could say about this small Spanish island in the middle of the Mediterranean, but from the beaches to the pool parties, the parasailing to the… View Post

Think of one of the happiest moments of your life. Maybe graduating from university? Getting married? Skydiving? Or maybe even completing a personal challenge? Whatever it was, hold that feeling in your head. That feeling of complete joy and happiness when you just had the world’s biggest grin on your face. You got it? That’s how I felt when I… View Post

If there’s one thing I didn’t expect to be doing in Ibiza, it was parasailing. I thought I’d be soaking up the sun, watching the sunset every night, experiencing some of Ibiza’s best clubs. You know, all the typical Ibiza stuff. Not parasailing though. Isn’t that something you do anywhere BUT Ibiza? It turns out it isn’t. And it also turns… View Post

When I visited last October, you may recall me saying that I didn’t fall in love with the island like I thought I would. I had this idea that I would feel at home in Ibiza, a place known for its laid back atmosphere and hippy vibe as much as it’s known for its party reputation. But I didn’t. I… View Post

With summer hot on my heels, it’s only natural that I’m thinking about my next getaway and for some reason, my head and heart are taking me to the Spanish island of Ibiza. After visiting this Balearic island with work last October, I found that I didn’t fall in love with Ibiza like I thought I would. However, I think… View Post

Most people would go back to Ibiza for the clubs, the beaches, the hot Mediterranean weather. Heck, I’d even go back for the beaches and the Mediterranean weather. I don’t know about the clubs though. Apart from Cafe Mambo on the Sunset Strip, they were all shut when I visited in October. Even then I probably wouldn’t go back to… View Post

When I’m travelling or on holiday, my favourite time of day, when I’m awake to see it, is sunrise. I can’t think of a better way to start the day – even though I might take some coaxing out of my cosy bed. My second favourite time of day is sunset.  Enjoying a cocktail as the sunset below the horizon… View Post