Not every place around the world hits you with that WOW factor straight away. Some destinations take a while to grow on you and there are places which need a second visit to really get into the nitty gritty. Other places, you fall in love with straight away and that first impression hits you like a ton of bricks. First… View Post

When I’m travelling or on holiday, my favourite time of day, when I’m awake to see it, is sunrise. I can’t think of a better way to start the day – even though I might take some coaxing out of my cosy bed. My second favourite time of day is sunset.  Enjoying a cocktail as the sunset below the horizon… View Post

USA, the land of the Big Apple and stunning National Parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. But this country also has some spectacular coastline and this post aims to celebrate some of the best beaches in the USA with some help from bloggers that have had the pleasure of spending some time there. Which one would you go to? Madeira Beach… View Post

There are many places in New York to catch a glimpse of the city’s famous skyline. Head to a roof top bar, gaze at the skyscrapers from the Staten Island Ferry or head to an observation deck to get that enviable Instagram picture of the Big Apple. I asked a few people before my first visit to New York in… View Post

The last time I was in New York was in September last year.  It was hot, I was with my friends ready to start our American adventure and I found it one of the most fascinating cities I’ve ever visited.  I got to spend a night watching the Yankees play baseball, visit the Empire State Building and also try out the… View Post

It was a hot day.  It was a very hungover day.  It was not the day to be rushing around and doing lots of sightseeing.  It was the day though to take a walk on the High Line in New York City. After a disgustingly late night, my friends and I were in no fit state to do much the… View Post

Oh what to use?  A Kelvin?  Nashville? Or #nofilter? There’s no doubt about it.  I love Instagram.  I love uploading my photos and I love looking at other people’s Instagram’s – even if it does nothing but make me want to go travel to tropical and far flung places. Since I’m hoping to make more use of the app this… View Post

Baseball.  A sport so ingrained into American society and culture that it almost feels like a religion.  Fans loyally follow their favourite team, certain players are treated like legends and the stadiums – the huge cavernous stadiums – are the places of worship where everyone goes to cheer and have a good time. The night of the New York Yankees… View Post

“I need help! I need to use your phone to call Germany!  He just took my card!!” “I’m sorry Sir, who took your card?” “The guy outside!  The guy with the gun!” After a long journey which started at 5am in London, I had finally made it to New York City and found my way to the hostel from a… View Post

“What are you going to see?”, “What things do you want to do?” These are the kind of questions I got asked when I told people I was visiting New York in early September. Sure I would mention things like the Empire State Building – that’s got to be one of the top sights to see right? I told people… View Post