Fly Me To The Moon

The next adventure. It’s always on my mind. Will I be going to an exotic beach or to an exciting, cool city? Will I be trekking through mountains or maybe exploring my own local backyard?

Well, I can tell you, my next adventure begins in the Lake District and will take me to the outer edge of earth to see a view like I’ve never seen before.

No joke.

I’ve seen views of the ocean at sunrise, of fluffy clouds while flying in the air and of the Himalayas while in Nepal. Never before though have I seen the curve of the earth from space.

Can you believe it?

I can’t either.

This Saturday though, TODAY, I’ll be at a top secret location in the Lake District where I’ll get to be on the Netflights Space Launch with 19 other people who I’ll be sharing this journey with.

Am I nervous?


I have NO idea what to expect.

But will it be a once in a lifetime experience?


I can’t wait to see what the world looks like from above. To try and spot the UK on this tiny blue dot in space we call home.

I’ll get to feel what almost zero gravity is like. I’m taking some blue M‘n’Ms with me to throw around and try and catch mid-air.

I’ll get to take some of the most spectacular pictures that for sure are going to light up my Instagram.

I’m going to soak in every second of the experience from arriving at the eco spaceport right to take off in the specially engineered TS48 shuttle. Then I’m going to sit back, relax and admire the view.

Now how’s that for a Saturday adventure?

And I’ll let you know how it goes…

If this sounds like something you want to get involved in – and why wouldn’t you? – check out this information pack. If you’re feeling brave enough, there are even trips to the Moon and Mars available. How awesome would that be to say you just hung out on the moon over the next bank holiday? INCREDIBLY AWESOME, that’s how awesome.

  • Haha, it was a little April Fools 🙂 Just thought it would be a bit of fun but what an adventure going up into space would be!