Life Lately XLIV

Life Lately XLIV

Hola! What a cracking weekend weather wise, huh? I blummin’ loved it! I feel like it’s put me in such a good mood for the week ahead which I have a huge feeling is going to be a busy one. Better like that though than quiet and boring!

First Day Of Spring

Finally, the first day of Spring! Well, officially anyway. The weather was pretty shocking but how good is it to know that we’re finally leaving the cold, dark depths of winter behind for sunnier days – hopefully!

Drinks With My New Flatmate

I told you all a couple of weeks ago that I managed to find a new flatmate for the vacant room in my flat. It was pretty manic but everything is pretty good to go, thank god! So, since things are underway with the contracts and other tenancy stuff, me and Kirsty decided to go for a couple of drinks on Tuesday night. I think – think! – we’re going to get on just fine and it was nice to get to know her a little more over some delicious cocktails.

The Italian Job and Ten Bar

No, I’m not talking about the film. The Italian Job at the new Ten Bar in Leeds on Duncan Street is officially one of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever had. And one of the prettiest too. I mean just look at it. Pomegranate syrup with limoncello and an edible flower on top. DE-LICIOUS!

Cocktails at Ten Bar In Leeds


My buddies from home have started coming around to my flat a lot more lately. And I love it. I love hanging out with them, grabbing a takeaway and watching Netflix while chatting about whatever other crap we’ve got to talk about. The recent thing is watching Ultimate Beastmaster and getting Deliveroo. Beastmasteroo!

Ladies Night With The Work Gang

This night was a long time coming and it was so good to get out with the girls from work on Thursday night. We went for a couple of cocktails at The Alchemist, had an amazing meal at My Thai and then went retro at the bowling alley. I also found out I’m horrendous at bowling. HORRENDOUS. Such a good night though and I do hope we do it again soon.

Hair Cut Time

I’m rubbish for going to have my hair done. On Saturday though, I went for a cut and a bit of a colour. The cut is fine but I’m not sure about the colour yet. It’s not quite how I wanted it but it might grow on me. I think it’s because it’s a little blonder underneath and doesn’t look quite as natural in some places. That doesn’t make any sense. It’s probably just because it’s different! I’ll get used to it but it will be nice to have it a bit bright for the warmer months!

I Cleaned The Oven

Yep, I know cleaning the oven is a pretty lame thing to put on here, but, ahead of my the new flatmate moving in, I’m trying to get the flat as spick and span as possible. And a major part of that is the oven. I’ve never cleaned an oven before – at the grand age of 28, I probably should be a little ashamed of that fact – but I gave it a good go. It’s not perfect but I’ll try again in a few weeks. It’s definitely looking a lot fresher than it was anyway!

The Australian Grand Prix

Now, I’m not the biggest F1 fan. I mean I missed all but 1 race last season, but I do blummin’ love watching it and can’t wait to get back into it properly in 2017. Early doors on Sunday, the first race happened in Melbourne, Australia and it was a pretty enjoyable race to watch and luckily worth the super early start for a Sunday.

Spring Forward…

So, we got an hour less sleep on Saturday night thanks to the clocks going forward but guys, it means the lighter nights are on the way! I mean, how nice was it for it to be light until around 7.30pm yesterday?

Picnic In The Park

The good weather we had on Saturday here in Leeds – while I was indoors cleaning the oven, boo! – luckily stuck around on Sunday too. And what better way to enjoy it than by grabbing a couple of picnic blankets, getting some yummy food from the supermarket and sitting out in the warm sunshine? Such a delightful way to spend a Sunday!

Enjoying a picnic in a park in Horsforth

I Might Have Booked A Cheeky Flight To Ibiza

And by might, I definitely did. And I know, I know, I’ve been banging on about saving money but I can’t resist Ibiza and this trip was too tempting to say no to…

Have you all had a good week? I hope so! Here’s to the next seven days. WE GOT THIS!