Life Lately XLV

Life Lately XLV

Happy April little sausages! Did any one get tricked by a little April Fool’s joke at the weekend? I managed to avoid them although I did question EVERYTHING I read and EVERYTHING my friends messaged me.

I’ve had another good week this week. I swear the warmer weather just does something for me. I think I need to live in a warmer country. One thing though that just topped last week off. CRAIG DAVID.

More below…

Getting fun mail

It makes a change to get something fun through the post and when I got my awesome mini yoga-at-home set from John Lewis  and I can’t wait to show you guys how I get on. I’ve never done yoga at home before, only at Yoga Hero, so if you have any YouTube yoga faves, please let me know!

Snowboarding Sesh at Xscape

I haven’t been boarding in a good couple of months so it felt super good to get out onto the indoor slope on Tuesday evening. I know going destresses me but I always forget just how much it chills me out. No pun intended, ha. It was great to go to a development coaching session too and pick up a few new skills.

It’s still light at 7.30pm

Guys, I’m probably going to be saying this every week but I love that it’s lighter in the evening. Although it’s pretty disorientating at the moment. I think it’s about 6pm but it’s really 8pm and I have no idea where my evening has gone.

Drinks at Dock 29

Yes, another midweek drink and this time it was at Dock 29. It’s a bit of a weird place but it beats going back to the flat every night straight after work. Although I did just stay for one, I was super tired.

Craig David at First Direct Arena

I booked my tickets for this in October and oh my god, it was so worth the wait. The whole show was incredible and it was great that it was split in to two halves. The first being more of a concert with songs from his current album with a few retro ones thrown in. THEN came the TS5 set which, I’m not lying, is my complete fave. I loved dancing along to a massive mix of garage, drum and bass, RnB with Craig David just pulling the whole thing together. It wasn’t quite Ibiza but still, what a show.

Craig David at the First Direct Arena

Brunch at Greedy Pig

After a late-ish night, a good brekkie was much appreciated on Saturday morning and this time, it was a visit to The Greedy Pig that filled my belly. I went along with Beverley, Kate, Sophie and Charley and I treated myself to treacle cured pork belly with duck egg and spiced red cabbage. Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds.

Treacle cured pork belly, duck eggs and spiced red cabbage at The Greedy Pig

Seeing my Mum, step-dad and pooches

I made a little spontaneous visit to see the family on Saturday afternoon. I got to eat chocolate, cuddle my dogs and catch up with my Mum and Step-Dad. Look how cute this little one is though…

Pippa the dog

A Sunday Trip To Cayton Bay

I’ve been to Filey and I’ve been to Scarborough but never to this cool Bay nestled in between the two and what a treat it was to visit Cayton Bay yesterday. When I worked at O’Neill, customers always spoke about it being a cool surf spot but what they didn’t mention was just how pretty it is!

Cayton Bay

Have you all had a good week? Let me know what you’ve been up to!

  • Loving the light evenings! You definitely have to try Yoga with Adrienne, she’s my total fave!

    • Ooh, I might have to give Yoga with Adrienne a go. I’ve actually heard a few people say that so it must be good!

  • It was a really good week, thanks Rachel! Craig David came on in a bar I was in last night and it took me right back to last Friday, just can’t get enough of CD! Hopefully you find some flights to Ibiza too 😀 Also, I know I’m always near where you live, you’re in such a gorgeous area of the country! I can’t believe I’ve never been to Cayton Bay before though, it’s lovely!