We’ve all done it, made mistakes while we’re travelling. Even if it’s a tiny mistake, it can be enough to throw your whole trip off, cost you a little more money or leave you wondering what you missed out. These are some of the mistakes I’ve made while travelling. Whether I’ve learned from them or not is a different thing…… View Post

I don’t want to speak to soon, I mean we’ll probably be thrown into the dark depths of winter as soon as I say this, but spring really has been here this week right? I’ve been loving it. The lighter mornings, the sunny afternoon and the slightly warmer temperatures. It’s definitely put a smile on my face. Also, sorry if… View Post

Apologies for going a bit off course from the travel blogging lark with this post. Also, apologies if it’s a bit TMI. Today I want to talk to you about the trouble with my tummy. I know I’ve mentioned tummy troubles a few times in my Life Lately posts but now I want to talk to you about troubles I’ve… View Post

Spring is around the corner guys! I can feel it. This weekend I’ve seen daffodils starting to flower, I’ve seen little lambs trotting in the fields and the sun has even stayed out for a decent amount of time. It’s. Been. Wonderful. I feel so much happier when the weather is nicer, a lot more motivated too. Does anyone else… View Post

Happy March guys! Flipping heck, 6 days into the third month of the year already? WHAT THE? Do you know what though? It’s kind of nice. I know time seems to be going by quicker and quicker but I’m filling it with good experiences and creating amazing memories so I don’t really mind if time is going by quicker than… View Post

When Expedia invited me and Beverley to go and check out Wakefield’s Rhubarb Festival, I couldn’t say no. I grew up near Wakefield. It’s somewhere I hung around a lot as a kid and the Rhubarb Festival is always an event in the diary that everyone talks about, you know, with Wakefield being part of The Rhubarb Triangle and all.… View Post

I’m putting it out there. I’m not a crier. As in, I don’t often cry at things. Yet this week, I’ve cried on three separate occasions. EURGH. And I hate it. Everything just feels like it’s got on top of me. Plus, I’m rubbish as dealing with emotional stuff when it’s actually happening. I’m usually the cheery person with a… View Post