Sydney. It’s my favourite city on earth. There’s no doubt about that. The lively, cosmopolitan feel of the centre, the gorgeous variety of beaches hugging the coastline and the surrounding countryside all combines into one delicious place that, in my eyes, is hard to beat.  You see, I lived in this beautiful city for a year. One magical year of… View Post

Yorkshire is one of the best counties in the UK. Okay, I might be a bit biased there, it is my home after all. But it is a beautiful place and even in the cold months of winter, there are places to visit and things to do all over Yorkshire. So, if you’re looking for a little get away in… View Post

Guys, I’ve got a pretty crazy busy week this week. I’m going to be going 100mph at work getting ready for the Blog At The Beach, event at work on Saturday. I also have a really important presentation to finish, sponsorship and event opportunities to discuss for 2017, reports to do and content to write. I’m not complaining, I love… View Post

I’ve travelled the world solo. Jumped on flights to unknown countries on my own, wandered city streets at night taking in the sights and sounds of new surroundings. I’ve been surrounded by groups and crowds of people I don’t know, I’ve hitch hiked, I’ve talked to strangers with whom I’ve had the most incredible conversations and people have called me… View Post

Long haul flights to long haul destinations means a long time eating nothing but plane food and sitting in the same semi-comfortable seat for hours on end. Long haul flights to long haul destinations though can mean a long haul layover. And that means instead of having one amazing destinations to look forward to, you can see two new places… View Post

Guys, I’m going to ask you a question. What makes you happy? Like what makes you so incredibly happy that you feel like you don’t need anything else in that moment? Well, I thought about it and these are 30 things that make me happy. I’m sure there’s a lot more, I know there’s a lot more but no matter… View Post

Hello everyone, I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little bit sleepy this morning but I have had a pretty jam packed weekend so I’m not going to whinge about it. It’s  been another great week full of family catch ups, delicious hot chocolates and getting ready for the Christmas season. I don’t think things will slow down now… View Post

When you get invited to stay in a luxurious cosy wooden cabin in the middle of some glorious Yorkshire woodland, you can hardly say no right? Well, last weekend, my sister and I drove the 50 minutes from Leeds city centre, along the M62 towards North Cave and rocked up at North Star Club. This luxury woodland retreat was just… View Post

Ever since I was little, it’s been my dream to travel. “I’m going to live abroad when I’m older!” I’d tell my Mum. I’d look at maps before bed and memorise the flags of countries around the world along with their population, capital cities and currency. Travel is always something I’ve wanted to do, something that I knew would be… View Post